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  • “I plan to visit Istanbul and Athens next Year (January or February 2016). My first stop will be Istanbul and then I want to fly to Athens. Can you find any cheap tickets for me please?” M.T read this article
  • “I am in Paris and I plan to visit Istanbul this november. But I want to visit athens too even for 1-2 days. Any ideas for cheap airplane ticket?” K.K read this article
  • “I ‘d love to travel to Greece. I live in Nantes. Please advise” A.K You do not mention when do you want to travel, but  read this article
  • “I want to travel from Thessaloniki to Athens. What are the options?” G.D read reply
  • “I would like to fly from Istanbul to Athens any date between 2-12 July 2015. I am looking for the cheapest airfare, handbag is ok for me” D.O read reply
  • “Finally its time for a Greek holiday! At the end of August and September, I look forward to post-tourist-season exploration. Priority 1 is to charter a sailing boat for 2 or 3 weeks and bring my friends together to explore the islands. Can you assist me with finding a rental sailing boat, yacht or catamaran for a good price? Thank you in advance. J.N” D.O read reply
  • I will be travelling with hand bag (or thats the plan). i will be staying in mykonos from 25 to 27 August and Santorini 27 to 30. my flight from Athens to Munihc is at 22:00. Give me a tip for cheapest flights C.A read reply

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